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The Pilot

The evil Moor has arrived on Earth with a diabolical plan and, to carry it out, he hurls one of his Monsters against our planet. Our hope lies in Parperius!...ehm.

About Parperius

Parperius is a spoof and at the same time a loving homage to the Japanese Tokusatsu television series: fantasy/sci-fi shows full of crafty special effects and ingenious creature designs. The idea for Parperius came from a long time ago but only gained shape in the last 2 years. The short movie/pilot above was wrapped in October 2021.


Edo Faravelli

creator, director and animator

Edoardo "Edo" Faravelli born in 1981, is an italian Animator and Motion Designer. He worked as a Freelance with studios nd agencies. Nerd to his core, he grew up among spaceships, video games, giant monsters, and cartoons. Parperius is his first original animated project.


the Team behind the Pilot

Character and Background Designer: Giovanni Costa
Animators: Andrea Cenci; Tommaso Zambelli; Edo Faravelli
Sound Designer: Alessandro Pedretti
Producer and creative consultant: Hidde De Vries

Additional credits

Moho Rigging and Animation: Mahnaz Yazdani; Hosein Nazarpour

What's Next

We're actively working on developing Parperius adventures into a FULL WEB SERIES.
We've written the first 5 episodes for a total running time of 40 minutes. The series will be dubbed in English and aimed at a teenage audience but likely to be enjoyed by adults who will get all the Tokusatsu and Japan/Pop Culture references.
Each episode will be self-conclusive but with a longer story arc behind it that will be concluded in the season finale.

Do you want to join the adventure?

If you are a writer, animator, storyboard artist, sound designer or voice actor and you want to help us craft the new episodes, contact us at
(please note: you must love Tokusatsu and weirdness :P)

If you are interested in producing or investing in Parperius, send us an email at, we'll provide you a detailed PDF Pitch.